Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Boom. (For Nick)


We put our flutes down.

And just like that, Playtime. Is. Over.

I wished on every 11:11 that It would never end.  Giddy at the turn of the clock.   Two unlikely heroines out on the town!  Quipping over countless men, worshipping goddesses who came before, and readin' bitches who ain't us!  Toasting our charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and Talents!

But in my dark, I knew enough to know that champagne doesn't keep.  The bubbles vanish and the party ends.  (Should I have shared my fears with you?  Would you have listened?)

We will always be.  But this Golden Age is how my heart will keep us.

Forever young.  Forever invincible.  Forever laughing.

Perhaps champagne is a sometimes joy for a reason?  We'll figure that out tomorrow, my dear, together.

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